Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) Reviews


Ben, 43 y.o.

Cialis 20 mg is my favorite pill. It always works and comparing to viagra with this drug you can drink some amount of alcohol. Thanks!

Bradley, 47 y.o.

I used to buy viagra, but when I found out about generics, I started choosing what I like more. First I started with the drugs with same active substance as in viagra. Just after that I've heard about generic Cialis and tried it. I would say that the effect is about same but I have a way less side effects from tadalafil 20mg. All these things are up to your organism, you can also pass some tests to find out what is better for you. My way is to try all and make a choice. Good luck!

Marc, 34 y.o.

I always purchase cialis, it works 100%, no side effects and just amazing, thanks for fast delivery

Don, 49 y.o.

My wife is many years younger than me so ED drugs is something I must have:) I have tried before generic viagra with tadalafil, last 2 weeks I only use cialis. The effect is same :)

Garrett, 47 y.o.

Thanks for fast delivery :-))

Bill, 52 y.o.

I can't live without Cialis (Tadalafil), this is my best pill. I use it as a weekend pill and I feel perfectly after the administration.

Danny, 36 y.o.

I faced ED problem when I was 25 y.o. Have no idea why as I always had a sport life style (but not to much) and I would not say I'm a person who stressing out a lot. But anyway, I had to come to ED pills. I have tried many of them since my 27 y.o. I stopped on cialis as I don't feel any side effects of it. But as I know sometimes it is good to change the drug to have better effect in the future.

Mick, 49 y.o. 1:00

Cialis (Tadalafil) is the best! Thank you for quick delivery!!